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Guest[1] 02:38 Who is where online?
Guest[2] 02:38 Thread: July 22, 1998 - Star Lake Amphitheatre - Burgettstown, Pennsylvania
Guest[3] 02:35 Thread: METALLICA To Play 'At Least Five' New Songs On Upcoming Tour - Oct. 8, 2008
Guest[4] 02:35 Forum: Metallica News
Guest[5] 02:33 Thread: Kirk and Santana vol2! ||19.12.05
Guest[6] 02:31 Forum: Metallica News
Guest[7] 02:31 Thread: Warsaw, Poland 1999-06-01
Guest[8] 02:31 Thread: Metallica - Prague, 1996-09-09
Guest[9] 02:30 Unknown
Guest[10] 02:29 Thread: 1986-09-26 Stockholm, SWE
Guest[11] 02:27 Unknown
Guest[12] 02:26 Thread: The Official Happy Birthday Thread
Guest[13] 02:25 Thread: 2016.08.20 -Minneapolis U.S. Bank Stadium, MN, USA
Guest[14] 02:24 Thread: Metallica Wins 3D Award
Guest[15] 02:24 Thread: Vsw! Auz Marcus Teague Vine Extra Material Shocker!
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