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What is a Vine?

A vine is a way to share bootlegs with the community through the mail without having to set up individual trades. Basically the starter of the vine announces the show(s) that will be included in the vine. Members sign up for the vine. The vine starter mails the show(s) to the first person on the list. The First person on the list receives the show, makes a copy for themselves and mails the original copy to the next person on the list. This continues until everyone has the show, the last person gets to keep the original disc(s).

Basic Rules:

1. Please provide as much information about the show as possible. If available provide the generation, source, etc. All vine must include at least the band name, date, location, venue name, and setlist.

2. Only DVDs originally produced as DVDs may be seeded here. No DVDs will be seeded here that have been converted from lesser quality video (i.e. VCD/SVCD/DivX/xvid/etc converted to DVD).

3. All audio seeds must be CD quality, lossless audio in FLAC, SHN, or APE format. No seed that has been compressed to a lossy format at some point in the past will be accepted here. This includes mp3, ogg, aac, or any other lossy format.

4. No official or out-of-print material is allowed.

Seeding Vines:

1. Please post the vine in the Vine Sub-forum of the Marketplace regardless if they are audio or video.

2. You are required to seed both a Austrian/European and a Rest of the World (ROTW) vine or have another member agree to seed the other branch of the vine for you. A further breakdown of these two main categories is up to you (the vine seeder).

3. Include any guidelines or rules you are imposing on the vine in the 1st thread. Make them clear so that everyone understands. Specify a date when the signups will close (usually a week).

4. Once sign ups are complete, reorder the vine structure in a geographical order. Please mix up the geographical order of the vine so that the same members are not always first/last.

5. Indicate if you would like vine to be tracked:
- copy the complete vine structure in each post.
- only copy the leg of the vine in which the member is listed.
If you chose the 2nd option, you are responsible to bring the vine structure back together every 2 or 3 pages.

6. If you are seeding a single show vine, please include the following information in the thread title and in the first post: (band/artist) - (year-month-day) - (Location) - (file format i.e. FLAC, SHN, PAL, NTSC)

Example: Metallica 2007-07-05 - Vienna, Austria – PAL

7. If you are seeding multiple shows please create an appropriate thread title that describes the type of vine and then include the information about each show in the format as described in Number 3.

8. Please only use high quality media and use protective sleeves and bubble mailers. Please do not write on the discs.

8. If you start a vine, you must actually seed the vine. Teasing is not nice.

Signing up for Vines:

1. Members must have a minimum of 25 posts to sign up for vines. In fact Junior Members who have less than 25 posts do not have access to post in the vine forums. This is to ensure that vines are shared with active members of the community.

2. A vine sign up will be open to users as dictated by the vine starter, usually about a week. You need to decide within the sign up period if they will be able to participate 100%. If you have doubts you are advised not to sign up. If you are going on vacation or will not be home for an extended period of time, do not sign up for the vine.

3. While we discourage dropping out of a vine, we understand that life happens. If you need to drop out of a vine, please update the vine, giving plenty of notice so that your name maybe removed from the list before it is supposed to be sent to you.

4. When signing up for a vine, please include your DTOA login name and approximate geographic location, including city, province or state, and country. For example:

1. Metallifreak(Austria)
2. Metalandi (Austria)
3. Sniffer (Germany)

5. Be sure to sign up under the appropriate list: North/South America or Rest of the Wrold (ROTW) or other any sub categories of these two main categories.

6. When adding your name to a vine, be sure to use the last posted list in the thread (this is very important, if you do this before the last posted list you will be cutting people off of the list). Cut and paste the list into your reply, adding your info to the bottom of the list. The vine seeder will later reorder the vine geographically, but if two people from the same area sign up the name appearing 1st will be listed first.

7. Once the vine sign ups are closed and the vine has been reordered geographically, immediately PM your address to the person above you on the list. It is not their job (or the moderators job) to track you down. If they do not have your address when they are ready to send out the disc(s), you will be skipped or dropped from the vine completely. There will be no stalling vines while “waiting for a mailing address”.

8. Please do not sign up for more vines than you can handle.

9. Once vine sign ups are closed and the vine is started, do not post in the thread asking if you can still join and or for others in the vine to trade with you. If there are no specific rules about trading the shows until the vine is finished, PM one of the members asking to set up a trade. Otherwise, respect the rules of the vine seeder and do not ask for trades until the vine is complete.

Receiving and Sending Vines:

1. Respect the rules set for each particular vine as stated in the first post by the vine seeder. For example if the 1st posts states that a show in the vine should never be seeded or traded out until after everyone in the vine receives their copies, then that should be upheld as a rule.

2. Once you have received the vine please try to resend it within 3 to 5 days. If, for whatever reason, you are unable to do this please communicate! Update the thread with the reason for the delay. Failure to send out discs quickly and/or communicating will result in a warning or a ban from future vines (as dictated below in Number 9).

3. It is required that you post an in/out date in the thread after your name using the following format: **IN 3/17….OUT 3/18** For example:

1. Metallifreak (Austria) – IN 20/5, OUT 21/5
2. Metalandi (Austria) – IN 24/05, OUT 26/05
3. Sniffer (Germany) – IN 29/05, OUT 03/06

4. If you are ready to send the discs out and you have not received an address from the person below you: SKIP THEM! Contact the person below them and get their address and send the discs on to them. The key is to keep the vine moving along as quickly as possible. Do not stall a vine waiting for a mailing address. Update the thread accordingly:

1. Metallifreak (Austria) – IN 20/5, OUT 21/5
2. Metalandi (Austria) – Skipped
3. Sniffer (Germany)

5. If you have been skipped due to lack of communication and you still want to participate in the vine, contact a G-mod or Admin via PM. Your name may be added to the end of the list. You may not add your name to the vine again without first contacting a G-mod or Admin.

6. Handle the discs with care. Remember these vines are supposed to do a lot of traveling and still be functional months down the road. You must use protective sleeves/CD envelopes and bubble mailers when sending out discs.

7. Burn copies of the discs for yourself and send the ORIGINAL discs on unless you receive discs that are in bad shape. If you need to re-burn a copy of the original seed, communicate this in the thread and please use only high quality media.

8. If the discs are damaged/lost/unable to extract when you receive them, ask the person above you for a reseed. It is the responsibility of the person who sent the vine last to replace a disc from the vine (not the vine starter or anyone else in the vine). If they can not help you for some reason, contact a G-mod or Admin. NOTE: As a member of a vine, you are expected to be willing to reseed when necessary.

9. Any person, who attempts/manages to disrupt a vine, complains, does not post updates etc., gets a warning. If these actions continue they are banned from future vines for a specified length of time. If the user is banned for the 2nd time, they are not permitted from participating in any future DTOA vines.
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Thanks for the info Jörg großes Grinsen

'Tallica is life, the rest is just details!
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