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In 1993, the members of Metallica established their own unique brand of Fan Club. The Metallica Club is a way for the band to keep friends, family, and fans fully informed regarding all things 'Tallica. Far more than the name "fan club" would imply, The Metallica Club exists so the band can keep a two-way line of communication open to the people who have supported them over the years. The Club is every fan's ultimate ticket into the private world of Metallica and to interact with the band. Fully owned and operated by the band itself, the Metallica Club is a fail-safe way to know that all fan voices are heard and all requests are considered. ALL MAIL IS READ. Everyone, especially the band, wants to hear Club Member ideas!


As the Mighty Metallica Machine ploughs across the globe, bringing fans their own brand of ear-splitting metal, Metallica Club Premier Members can always be found hanging in the best seats of every stadium, arena or club. Exclusively through the Club, Premier Members are given the opportunity to purchase tickets to virtually every show on the tour's itinerary. And, as if that weren't enough, the Club also gives Premier Members a chance to be a part of every fan's dream - the Meet & Greet. This is a chance for Premier Club Members to not only see the band perform up close and personal, but also a chance to meet members of the band! Unfortunately we can't take all the Clubbers at any given show, so to keep this opportunity fair to all Members, the Club conducts a lottery at each show.

Over the years, the band has performed a number of gigs exclusively for Metallica Club Premier Members. These club members only shows are staged in small, intimate clubs or theaters, to give the fan a first hand look at their favorite band and to experience the ferocious power of Metallica up close in and their face.

In addition to the half dozen club members only shows the Band has performed since 1996, Metallica has also given Premier Club Members access to over 20 gigs that were not available to the general public, including the four shows held at the famous Fillmore in San Francisco and the taping of mtv:ICON in 2003. Were you there?

As if tickets, backstage passes, and exclusive concerts were not enough to make you want to join the Club, there is more! An extremely lucky contest winner won an all expense paid trip to watch the Band record the St. Anger album. In addition to visiting the band in the studio, this Premier Club Member penned the feature article for So What! magazine!

In the summer of 2002, Metallica HQ was the home of the "Launch Party." Premier Club Members won a contest to hang out, eat and drink with the members of Metallica. Then the band performed a special show just for them! In 2003, we sent some more lucky Clubbers to Detroit to watch the band rehearse for the Summer Sanitarium tour and in 2004 to San Francisco for the Madly In Anger rehersals. (see picture) Also, one Clubber won an all expense paid trip to watch Metallica perform at the 2003 American Music Awards!

The Metallica Club is constantly creating new ways to give away hard to obtain prizes. Basically, the shit we give away you CAN NOT FIND ANYWHERE ELSE! A few of the prizes the Club has given away in the past include: tour jackets, VIP passes, loads of autographed materials, band instruments, and even the greasy nuts off James' car used in the "I Disappear" video! The Club is constantly thinking of cooler and more unique prizes to give away. The past speaks for itself, so who knows what will happen next!

Four times per year, all members of The Metallica Club receive the official magazine of The Metallica Club, So What! This collector's item is a 48-page glossy, full color magazine that brings club members the most Metallica news, photos, and inside information.

The boys are major contributors to each magazine answering your letters, providing personal photos and letters, judging contests, and providing a behind the scenes view that you won't find anywhere else. Each issue of So What! brings the members of the club even farther into the world of Metallica.

• A Metallica Club T-Shirt especially designed for club members each year.
• Personalized membership card
• Printed, autographed band picture
• Introductory letter from a band member
• Catalog of exclusive and discounted Met merchandise

Premiere Club Members also have full access to This unique site features top secret audio and video clips, a message board and chat room for Club Members to share ideas, exclusive pictures of the band in the studio or on the road, opportunities to chat with the band members, and much more. The site also includes a Club members only on-line store where you can purchase the most up to date Metallica-Merch any time, day or night. (see below)

The Metallica Club store offers exclusive, one of a kind Met merchandise to club members only, as well as discounted prices on many of the items you see on tour and in stores. From t-shirts to Christmas tree ornaments to the coveted Fan Can, Metallica Club members have the opportunity to purchase items that you won't find anywhere else.

MetClub Exclusive Pushead Etched Glasses

The world famous Fan Can is a limited edition collector's item containing a CD, a video, a rare t-shirt, and a trinket all packaged in a custom paint can. The can is filled with stuff that is unavailable anywhere else and designed especially for the club! Fan Cans are ONLY available for purchase by members of The Metallica Club.

Fan Can 5

Members can also meet other Metallica fans through the pen pal program and are also provided with a forum to swap ideas, opinions, and attitudes.

Sign up using your credit card, and minutes later you will receive your password and immediate access to the Members Area section. Click Here for all of the information needed to join the Club!
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Great info dude! Give me money großes Grinsen . I want to join MetClub now!


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I am MetClub member too
10.06.2008 09:48
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