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Posted by metalandi on 30.03.2011 at14:38:

  666 Members

I jut saw that we have excactly 666 members now here on the board and thought it's worth a thread. That's fuckin' metal! bananas

Posted by Marmetal on 30.03.2011 at14:54:


Hope no one new will register here so the number of the beast will stay as it is großes Grinsen . We're officially metal now! cool Zunge raus

Posted by FranzO on 31.03.2011 at09:38:


sry to take away some of your spirit, but how many of those 666 are active members Augenzwinkern

I guess you could easily delete half of them and they wouldn't even notice it.

however. great number cool

Posted by metalandi on 31.03.2011 at10:12:


Yeah that's true. I'd say, even way more than half of them you could delete. Actually there's just about 10 people that realyl are active, sadly. The rest mostly are people that only registered to download bootlegs and never write anything else than "thanks" to unveil the hidden download links...

Posted by Metallifreak on 28.04.2013 at21:02:


And now we have 4.964 registerd users. So more then 4.900 Spammers unglücklich

Posted by Marmetal on 28.04.2013 at21:49:


So many users and 10 posts each week großes Grinsen . Just shows that we're not really active here anymore... But I'm stayin'! Freude

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